Flags in the Neighborhood by Diane Lincoln 2018

Copyright 2022. Diane Lincoln Art. All Rights Reserved. 

Diane Lincoln

The following poems were written during the 2020 Quarantine. 

  Aseptic Responses was selected by the St. Charles Arts Council.

Out of the Way

I forgot how hard it was to be a child.

"Stay out of the way,"

My dad would say.

He didn't want me in his way

He didn't want me to be hurt

Watching from a safe distance

Was a difficult thing to do.

Fully grown now

I feel the same

I want to help

But know that the best thing to do

Is stay safely out of the way.

In the Shadows

Unseen monsters lurk beyond the door.

We protect and distance ourselves.

Inside, in safety we wait

Anxious, aimless, helpless.

We pray for heroes on the front lines

To have strength, know-how and supplies.

Sympathy for victims

And fear for the future

Rip at our emotions.

Perpetually aware 

Of loved ones on hold

We attempt to fill our days


Aseptic Responses

The killer will steal your breath.

Not knowing where it hides,

We avoid crowds

And stay six feet apart.

The hearts of children out of school

Long for friends and lessons.

Our family and friends cannot visit.  

We wash our hands, wear gloves,

Wipe surfaces and breathe through masks.

Will we ever blow out candles

​On a birthday cake again?

Limited View

Dark days

Inhabit my space.

Through the window

Seasons change.

Ambulances scream.

An unseen demon 


​Limits the view