"Nothing will get you excited about science better than hearing about the real, often wild, stories of how it actually happens. Diane Lincoln has assembled some of the most interesting and important episodes from scientific history, and relates them in an engaging and inspiring way."

                    Sean Carroll

                    Author of Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and
                    the Emergence of Spacetime

"Science Discovery Files is a breath of fresh air, showing that science is a pan-human endeavor. It is a valuable resource for the younger set of teens, for those less interested or skeptical of science, and is a jumping-off point for discussions of 'science in context' lessons."
                    Stephen M Cohen, PhD
​                    Author of America's Scientific Treasures, and
                    O Mg! How Chemistry Came to Be

"Diane Lincoln's Science Discovery Files profiles superheroes of science who may not be household names, but have changed our understanding of the world and the universe and helped us all live better and healthier lives. In this clear and engaging book, you'll meet the African-American doctor who performed the first open heart surgery, the woman who measured the size of the galaxy and the father-son duo who figured out what killed the dinosaurs. These scientists all share a deep spirit of curiosity and a willingness to follow their ideas, lessons that will inspire students to perhaps one day join this Legion of Super Scientists!"
                    James Kakalios

                    Physics Professor at the University of Minnesota and,
                    Author of The Physics of Superheroes, and The Physics of Everyday Things

"This is a delightful book! It invites students of all ages to share in the wonder of scientific discovery. Telling the stories of each scientist's own journey brings a personal touch allowing students to identify with these scientists and feel as if they, too, could make an amazing discovery of their own. The writing is warm and inviting. It is sure to inspire students to pursue their own scientific investigations."
                    Janet Riehecky
​                    Award Winning Children's Book Author

"Diane Lincoln is a brilliant teacher and a masterful storyteller. In Science Discovery Files, she takes the true accounts of several world-changing scientific discoveries and crafts them into riveting detective stories. You get so wrapped up in each mystery that it's easy to forget how much you're learning! The writing is extremely accessible, but the book also goes deep, exploring historical and scientific ideas that are often glossed over in popular accounts of these subjects."
                    Matt O'Dowd
                    Writer and Host of PBS Space Time 

Diane Lincoln is a former middle school science teacher who taught university classes in the evening.  She has written for online media.
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Diane is an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.   She is currently working on several projects. 

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